Cancellations & Failed Appointments patient information sheet

At our practice we will endeavour to manage our appointments system to avoid delays in appointment times and minimise loss of surgery time through cancellations and failed appointments.

In our practice we:

Communicate with patients in a courteous, friendly, professional manner.

Make sure that patients receive full information about our services, their treatment and its cost.

Provide advice and treatment outside normal surgery hours where necessary.

Refer patients for further professional advice and treatment where appropriate.

In our practice we will:

Manage our appointments system so that treatment appointments are tried to be booked no more than 6 weeks ahead. Ensure that patients should have to wait no longer than 3 minutes to be seen. Where there is a further delay we will explain the reasons. Remind patients of their appointment by text (if preferred) usually 1 week before the next appointment. Monitor our waiting times for (i) treatment and (ii) for booking appointments. Provide as much notice as possible when appointments have to be changed or cancelled and explain the reasons. Advise patients if there is a change of dentist.

In return, we would like you to:

Participate in your dental treatment
Particularly any advice about prevention and diet that we have asked you to continue at home.

Arrive on time for your appointment.
Please try to give the practice at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. (for NHS patients) If you miss an appointment on more than one occasion without letting us know, or continuously cancel appointments at the last minute, we may need to review future provision of treatment for you at the practice.

If you attend our practice as a New Patient,
and fail to attend your initial examination or fail to attend the next appointment of treatment, unfortunately all future appointments will be stopped and your NHS place will be lost.

Advise us of any changes to your contact details
(address, telephone numbers, email) to help us keep our records up to date and ensure that we are able to contact you.

Information and enquiries

Form more information and or enquiries regarding any aspect of our cancellations & failed appointments patient information sheet, please contact Bramley Dental directly by Telephone on 01709 700780 or 01709 792020