Dental Prices

Private Dental Prices

Please find our full list of private dental prices for available treatments. For enquiries and further details, please refer to a specific treatment from our treatments page. Alternatively, please contact us directly and a member of our team will be in touch. For NHS patients looking for NHS dental treatment prices, please kindly refer to our NHS treatments and prices

Exam (includes X-RAY)
Excluding Scale & Polish. Prices start from £60.00
Including Scale & Polish. Prices start from £100.00
Dental Hygiene
Scale & Polish (30 mins with Hygienist/Therapist) from £55.00
Supra & Subgingival PMPR (RSD/Deep clean) with hygienist/therapist for 45 mins £90.00
Supra & Subgingival PMPR (RSD/Deep clean) with hygienist/therapist for 30 mins £60.00
Supra & Subgingival PMPR (RSD/Deep clean) with hygienist/therapist for 2 x 30 mins £120.00
Air polish (30 mins) £80.00
Direct Access appointment (self-referral) £60.00
Restoration. Composite material (white filling)
1 surface, price starting from £100.00
2 surfaces, price starting from £140.00
Multi Surface, price starting from £200.00
Simple repairs, starting from £30.00
Full upper acrylic denture, starting from £600.00
Full lower acrylic denture, starting from £600.00
Cobalt Chrome partial denture, starting from £700.00
Partial acrylic denture (1-3 teeth), starting from £450.00
Valpast denture, starting from £700.00
Denture addition, starting from £100.00
Starting from (depending on material) £500.00
Re-cementation of crown, starting from £70.00
Cantilever bridge 1 unit, starting from £450.00 per unit
Maryland bridge 1 unit metal wing, starting from £550.00
Starting from £550.00
Starting from £100.00
Root Canal Treatment
Price on discussion due to varying cases of complexity TBC
Starting from £150.00
Sportsguard (gumguard)
Starting from £100.00
Assessment and advice £70.00
Teeth Whitening
Starting from £300.00
A 15 minute chat can be arranged prior to consultation free of charge, on the discretion of the clinician.
Starting from £2,500.00